Our Story


Vanpowers was founded with a simple, straightforward goal: to create solutions to your energy anxiety. We focus on the innovation of portable green power generation devices. We can help you step away from the grid while keeping all your gadgets and appliances charged and powered up.

Although it can feel rewarding to go completely without modern technology for a little while, we believe that there’s a compromise that can be reached between sacrificing comfort to stay green and doubling your electric bill for the sake of ease. To support this belief and to combat humanity’s reliance on industrially produced electricity, we’ve designed efficient, forward-thinking power stations, solar panels, and solar generator packages that charge faster. They are adaptable to several different charging methods and have more outlets for your devices. This convenient and eco-friendly equipment allows you to overcome the limits that wall charging often places on your time away from electricity. Get outside quicker, stay out longer, and minimize your power usage without quitting cold turkey. What’s more, our products’ portability will let you keep up this routine while traveling, whether you’re on a short camping trip or an extended vacation.

We are proud to bring you an incredible way to stay relaxed while reconnecting with nature with the advent of our Super Power Pro 2000 Portable Power Station. People sometimes feels impossible to live life without relying on electrical devices, we aim to let you unplug as often as possible by reducing charging times and ensuring that you have sustainable ways of generating power. The Super Power Pro 2000 boasts ultra-efficient solar panels that leave it fully fueled up and ready to roll within two hours, meaning you can spend as much time outdoors as you please without worrying about anything running low on battery.

Bring the whole family along and have a campsite cookout with your favorite portable electric grill. Roast marshmallows under the stars while setting the mood with tunes from your rechargeable BlueTooth speaker. The next morning, you can make yourself a smoothie with your mini blender to start the day off right. Families with RVs aren’t the only ones who can take life’s conveniences with them while out in the wilderness—anybody can turn their campground into a little slice of home thanks to the endless utility of Vanpowers products such as the Super Power Pro 2000 and its solar panels. Customize your experience to your liking and feel freed from the tethers of grid-based wall outlets.

We at Vanpowers understand your feelings of anxiety surrounding electricity usage, and we want you to know that your concerns are being heard. In fact, they’re what inspire us to keep looking to the future and coming up with new ways to stay green. You don’t have to leave your whole life behind to reconnect with the world around you; stay comfortable and feel at ease with Vanpowers, where we help you meet your energy needs without racking up your bills with excess.