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Generally speaking, a solar generator usually refers to any equipment that is capable of being powered by the sun’s energy. It converts sun energy captured by solar panels into electrical power and then stores it in a portable power station for later use. Vanpowers solar generator is a bundle that typically includes a power station or built-in rechargeable batteries, solar panels, and other accessories. A solar generator is a reliable and clean power source for campers, RVs, or as an emergency backup if your power goes out.



Collect solar energy by placing the solar panels in direct sunlight.


Stores power in a battery from a solar panel andreleases stored energy.


Power a wide variety of devices and appliances by releasing stored energy.

Safe Power For Everyday Needs

Huge 1440/2096Wh capacity to Power most appliances. Solid and practical for devices, power tools, and even larger appliances such as electric stoves, electric microwave ovens, air-conditioners, and refrigerators.

Renewable Power Source

Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available. Designed to collect and convert sunlight into storable electricity in batteries, Vanpowers solar generator provides a budget-saving solution to utilize sustainable energy while reducing carbon footprints on our planet.

Recharge at High-Speed

Extremely Durable and Long-Lasting

The portable power station is equipped with premium LiFePO4 batteries and BMS that offer 6 times longer lifespan, a drop-proof unibody structure, and industry-standard electric components for enhanced durability.

Practical Design to Easy-to-carry

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Of course. It has advantages that traditional generators do not have, such as:

-It's portable
-It has no noise
-Low running cost and no fumes
-You have a free energy supply

You can use the solar generator as a home emergency backup power source, and its portability makes it an ideal travel companion.

Yes, but it must be based on the number of appliances in your home as well as the output power and capacity of the solar portable generator.

Yes, Vanpowers solar generator can be charged and discharged at the same time. 

It depends on the wattage of your refrigerator. The Vanpowers solar power generator can power a 150W refrigerator for around 22 hours.

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