Why Solar Generators Are Perfect for Travel Vloggers?

Running a travel vlog is already a lot of work—from planning your trips to filming everything to picking out which clips are the best to include in your final videos, there’s hardly a moment to enjoy your travels! To make things easier on yourself, we recommend bringing along a portable solar generator. If you aren’t familiar with solar generators or their uses, here’s a list of potential applications for this handy device.


Charging Your Camera, Phone, and Laptop

If there’s one thing that every travel vlogger dreads, it’s a dead battery. You won’t always be able to charge your gear on the go, so to save yourself the hassle of having to rerecord or re-edit footage, it’s best to keep a solar generator on hand.


Powering Van & RV Life Gadgets

You might take a unique approach to your travel vlogs by documenting your adventures while living in a van or RV. This kind of living situation benefits immensely from having a solar generator on board to keep your coffeemaker and minifridge powered up. The solar panels are extra helpful because you can stop and set them up anywhere; you don’t have to recharge the power station by plugging it back into the grid.


Maintaining a Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

A consistent Wi-Fi connection is hard to come by when traveling, so it’s practically a requirement that you bring a portable hotspot to keep in contact with loved ones and post your vlogs. Having a solar generator means guaranteeing yourself Wi-Fi access for your whole trip.


Supporting Your Lighting Setup

Sometimes, you might want to film a segment for your video where you sit down and just talk about your day. Depending on where you’re posting up for the night, it might be nearly impossible to come by good natural lighting. A solar generator will ensure that any studio or ring lights in your equipment bag will be ready to go when it’s time to shoot.


All in all, a portable solar generator can be a practical tool for virtually every vlogger. From charging camera batteries to keeping travel gear running on long hikes, this device is essential for any travel vlogger. If you are thinking of a new travel plan or travel frequently, a solar generator is definitely worth the investment.


Vanpowers is a brand specializing in bringing portable green energy right to you. Consisting of a Vanpowers Super Power Pro 2000 portable power station and SP200 solar panels, the Vanpowers Solar Generator set is here to support you at every step of your vlogging process. Both parts of this set are ultra-portable; the power station boasts wheels and a collapsible handle, and the solar panels can be folded for more compact storage. Furthermore, the power station features 14 output ports so that you can recharge anything, anywhere.


For more information on all your portable power options, we invite you to visit the Vanpowers website.