The Hows and Whys of Living Off the Grid

Have you ever thought about leaving your grid-based lifestyle behind and being totally self-reliant? You’re not the only one! Whether they’re seeking independence and solitude, an escape from the tedium of utility bills, or just a reduction in their carbon footprint, lots of people get a fresh start by transitioning to life off the grid. In this post, we’ll be discussing some of the reasons off-grid living might be for you, as well as listing some essential items you’ll need if you want to make the switch.


Why People Live Off the Grid

There are a ton of reasons someone might choose this way of life. Some are drawn to the idea of being completely self-sufficient by producing their own energy, food, and other resources. At the other end of the spectrum, some people like the idea of creating an independent community with a select group of people. Others want to combat climate change by refusing to contribute to the pollution brought on by widespread grid-based energy demand. All in all, going off the grid appeals to a lot of different people in a lot of different ways.


Must-Have Supplies When Living Off the Grid

The most obvious things you’ll need when taking on this new lifestyle are, of course, reliable sources of food and water. Whether you’re planning on growing crops and digging a well or going into town for your groceries, you need to have a consistent way to keep your hunger sated and your thirst quenched.


Another absolutely essential resource is energy. For life off the grid, a solar generator is a great option because it creates and provides large amounts of completely renewable energy at no cost. For example, the Vanpowers Solar Generator, consisting of the Vanpowers Super Power Pro 1500 portable power station and a Vanpowers SP200 solar panel, has 2000W of rated power and can even go all the way to 3000W with its surge function. This makes it ideal for many heavy-duty appliances that take a lot of power to run. With 14 outlets of varying types and solar recharging capabilities, you can hook up lots of different devices at the same time without worrying about running out of power. Even better, the power station comes with built-in wheels and a collapsible handle, which pairs perfectly with the solar panel’s foldable design to create the ultimate portable generator setup.


Once you’ve got energy and can power up your home, you’ll need to make sure you have cooking utensils and other tools you use on the daily. The same goes for clothing and linens; any and all basic household items will still be necessary while living off the grid. This is especially true if you plan on relocating to get further away from the grid as a whole, because it will be much harder to go back to get something every now and again if you forget it. For this reason, you should also keep plenty of first-aid and medical supplies on hand for both everyday injuries and emergency situations where you need to keep someone stable while you travel to a hospital.



The idea of picking up your life and leaving the grid might sound scary, but Vanpowers is here to make sure you’re as prepared as possible if you decide that’s what you want. If you think off-grid living is for you, or if you want to make the switch to solar to help protect the environment, you can visit the Vanpowers website for more information and useful products.