Gear Up for the Great Outdoors: The Car Camping Essentials Checklist

Camping is a relaxing activity that allows you to unwind and connect with nature. If you’re up for trying a more exciting way to explore the great outdoors, car camping is the way to go! However, without proper preparation, it can quickly turn into a frustrating experience, so we’ve compiled a list of camping essentials to help you create the perfect outdoor adventure. From tents and sleeping bags to cooking equipment, this checklist has you covered.



A tent will protect you from harsh outdoor conditions and make you feel more comfortable. It’s recommended that first-timers pick out a tent that’s easy to assemble and disassemble.


Sleeping Bags and Pads

When buying a sleeping bag, be sure to check its temperature rating, which indicates the lowest temperature at which the bag will keep you comfortably warm. If you’re still concerned about getting cold, or if you can’t find a sleeping bag with a low enough rating for your campsite, get an insulated sleeping pad to ensure that your body doesn’t lose heat while you sleep.


Food and Water

You can easily prep things such as dried or canned food that last a long time and don’t need to be refrigerated. Any perishables should be kept in a cooler with plenty of ice. Naturally, water is also essential for survival in the great outdoors, so make sure you have enough to last for the duration of your trip.


Instant Pot

An Instant Pot is an essential car camping tool if you want to cook simple one-pot recipes with little hassle or effort. It saves energy and is perfect for steaming, slow cooking, and sautéing ingredients over the course of several hours, resulting in incredibly tender food.


First-Aid Kit

A first-aid kit is essential for anyone going car camping in case they need to clean wounds, bandage cuts, or administer medication while on their journey. You never know when you’ll need medical attention, so pack a first-aid kit to take care of injuries and minor emergencies as soon as possible.


Roadside Emergency Kit

Although breakdowns and accidents are frustrating, they’re just a part of life on the road. A roadside kit is an incredibly useful piece of camping equipment because you won’t always be able to rely on passing drivers for help if you get stuck, especially on a long desert road. Packing one will ensure that you’re ready to handle any car trouble that comes your way.



If you're going to be adventuring in the wilderness, you need to stay aware of your location and surroundings. Mobile phones have GPS features, but these only work when you have cell service, so a GPS can give you an extra layer of security.


Solar Power Generator

The Vanpowers 1500W Solar Generator, featuring the Vanpowers Super Power Pro 1500 Portable Power Station and Vanpowers SP200 Foldable Solar Panel, will allow you to charge and power multiple devices and appliances of all sizes, such as phones, GPSes, and even Instant Pots, all at the same time. You can also use solar panels to recharge the power station while on your outdoor adventure, ensuring a constant power supply throughout the day.


In Conclusion

A Vanpowers 1500W Solar Generator can lighten your load and make car camping a breeze. We hope this comprehensive list of camping essentials will help you plan an unforgettable camping trip that you’ll cherish for years to come.