5 Reasons Every Homeowner Should Have a Solar Generator

With alternative energy becoming more and more mainstream, solar generators are on everyone’s minds. These helpful devices convert sunlight to electricity while also storing any that isn’t immediately used, which makes them beneficial for anyone worried about their utility bills, their carbon footprint, or an unreliable local power grid. If you’re a homeowner who isn’t quite sure about investing in a solar generator, this article will cover five reasons why you should seriously consider it.


It’s portable.

You might assume that any kind of generator would be bulky, heavy, and just a pain to move around. Solar generators, however, are typically much lighter and more portable than traditional gas generators. One example is the Vanpowers 2000W Solar Generator, which features foldable solar panels as well as a power station that has built-in wheels and a collapsible handle. This generator is incredibly easy to transport and can power your devices anytime, anywhere.


It’s environmentally friendly.

Solar generators are by far the most eco-friendly type of generator, because unlike gas generators, they produce clean energy and don’t emit any harmful pollutants. Homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint can incorporate a solar generator into their everyday routine for a source of electricity that’s completely renewable and doesn’t emit greenhouse gases.


It can serve as an emergency power source.

Homeowners living in areas that are prone to blackouts will be glad to hear that a solar generator can serve as a reliable backup source of electricity during those pesky outages. The Vanpowers 2000W Solar Generator has a capacity of 2096Wh and a maximum output of 2000W, meaning it can keep even your largest appliances running for as long as you need them. When a blackout strikes, homeowners can connect all their essential devices and resume daily life without worrying about running out of power.


It can be used indoors.

Gas generators aren’t usable indoors because they produce not only large amounts of noise and vibrations, but also an abundance of toxic fumes. In contrast, solar generators are quiet and entirely non-pollutive, making them completely safe for indoor energy production. Some are so compact that you might not even notice they’re there!


It saves money.

Because solar generators are designed to store the energy they produce, they can continue running even after the sun has set. This means you can lower your bills at all hours of the day by using the generator to power your appliances instead of relying on your home’s power grid. All you have to do then is sit back and let the savings roll in.



Having a solar generator is an easy way to save money, fight against climate change, and keep your household running when the power goes out. Homeowners everywhere can benefit from owning a solar generator and using it in addition to—or even instead of—grid-based electricity. Why not take that first step and invest in your future today?


For more information on sustainable, cost-effective power solutions, please visit the Vanpowers website.