What Gear to Pack When Traveling Solo in an RV: Tips for Women

When International Women’s Day comes around, some ladies might choose to do something adventurous to celebrate. One fun option is to rent an RV and go on a trip to get away from the responsibilities of family and work life. Packing with upcoming van or RV life in mind is always a challenge, so if you’re unsure what to take, here we’ll share a list of essential travel gear so you can enjoy your trip without worrying about being unprepared.


First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is essential for anyone living in a motorized home in case they need to clean wounds, bandage cuts, or administer medication while on their journey. You never know when you’ll need medical attention, so pack a first aid kit to take care of injuries and minor emergencies as soon as possible.


Roadside Emergency Kit

Although breakdowns and accidents are frustrating, they’re just a part of life on the road. A roadside kit is an incredibly useful van life item because you won’t always be able to rely on passing drivers for help if you get stuck, especially on a long desert road. Packing one will ensure you’re ready to handle any car trouble that comes your way.



A flashlight can come in handy, especially at night. If something happens after dark and you need to be able to see to take care of it, it’s extremely convenient to have a flashlight in the RV.



If you're going to be adventuring in the wilderness, you need to stay aware of your location and surroundings. Mobile phones have GPS features, but these only work when you have cell service, so a GPS can give you an extra layer of security.


Instant Pot

An Instant Pot is an essential van life tool if you want to cook simple one-pot recipes with little hassle or effort. It saves energy and is perfect for steaming, slow cooking, and sautéing ingredients over the course of several hours, resulting in incredibly tender food.


Van Refrigerator

If you’re planning on cooking a lot of fresh meals, a van refrigerator is a must for storing food with a short shelf life. It doesn’t suck up much electricity and will keep proteins, veggies, drinks, and leftovers nice and cold. Furthermore, it can be stored wherever you have space in your van.


Solar Power Generator

The Vanpowers 2000W Solar Generator, featuring the Vanpowers SP200 Foldable Solar Panel, is a great option for keeping electronic devices charged and ready to use. One like this will allow you to charge multiple devices and appliances of all sizes, such as a GPS, an Instant Pot, and even a refrigerator, all at the same time. The Vanpowers SPP 2000 portable power station features industrial-grade wheels and a collapsible aluminum handle, making it easy to transport and perfect to take along on camping trips. Vanpowers solar panels have excellent conversion efficiency, recharge quickly, and don’t take up as much space as other types of generators or extra batteries would.


In Conclusion

Good-quality travel gear can make van and RV life much more relaxing, especially when traveling alone. When getting ready to take on this unique, daring lifestyle, using a Vanpowers solar generator will relieve a lot of the burden of power management. The team here at Vanpowers wishes all the ladies out there a safe and fun International Women’s Day!


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