How To Stay Warm While Camping in Winter

With winter setting in, adventure seekers need to know how to keep warm while camping in chilly weather. Continue reading to get some tips for staying safe and warm in the wilderness, such as using a portable power station to ensure that all your devices have electricity.

Pack Your Winter Camping Essentials

Some extra assistance from technology will help you confidently fight the cold. Of course, you'll need to pack the typical camping essentials, including a tent, sleeping bag, and insulated sleeping pad. Some additional items that are smart to bring include extra lighting, electric blankets, hand warmers, heated gloves, heated boots, and portable heaters, all of which can be plugged into a portable power station like the Vanpowers 2000W Power Station to power up or recharge. On chilly winter evenings, portable power stations can make sure these gadgets don’t abruptly run out of power and leave you shivering.

Pack Warm Clothes

Layering is crucial during winter camping trips. Be sure to pick out garments made of materials that are breathable and moisture-wicking so you don’t sweat too much. When getting dressed, put on a long-sleeved base layer that is snug but not restricting. At night, put on thick socks, a hat, and gloves, and NEVER wear wet clothing to bed, or else you’ll risk frostbite, hypothermia, and other severe issues.

Bring a Sleeping Bag Liner

This useful item is like a big pillowcase that lines your sleeping bag to not only keep your warm, but also keep your sleeping bag clean and extend its life.


Keep Your Tent Warm

In cold weather, especially at night, portable heaters or electric tent heaters are great for keeping warm. On lengthy journeys, combine an electric heater with a portable power station to keep your tent toasty, and bring a portable solar panel to recharge the power station if you need to.

Fill a Hot Water Bottle

If you want a cozy sleeping bag when you go to bed but don’t have an electric blanket, bring a hot water bottle to keep your toes warm. Use a camp stove to heat up water, then fill your hot water bottle two-thirds full. During the day, you can use a solar panel to charge your power station so it’s ready to power up that stove when you need it. You’ll be much more comfortable at night if you have something like a hot water bottle to warm you up.

Bring Solar Panels

You always have to be prepared for any situation when venturing outdoors. Solar panels can provide reliable power to small appliances and can also charge phones and other electronic gadgets. Place the panel in a location that will receive direct sunlight when you need to power up, and combine it with a portable power station to store the power you generate for all your devices.