How to Power Up Your Next Barbecue with a Solar Generator

It’s warming up out there, and that means it’s time to start planning outdoor gatherings with your friends and family—how about a barbecue? Sure, you’ll need all the usual staples, like a grill, coolers, silverware, and lots of food, but you don’t have to stop there. Using a portable solar generator, you can bring a whole new element of technology to your cookouts that will have everybody talking about them.


Why Have a Solar Generator?

There are lots of different kinds of generators, so you may be wondering why solar is the way to go. What’s so special about solar is its environmentally friendly renewability. In other words, not only can you recharge it while in use so you never run out of power, but it can draw that charge from a completely natural and infinite source: the sun. This gives it a significant advantage over other generators that burn gas or use grid power to recharge.


Another plus is portability. For example, the Vanpowers 2000W Solar Generator comes with built-in wheels and a telescopic handle, which make it perfect to take with you anywhere you go. You’ll be able to move it around with ease while setting things up for your barbecue, which takes a lot of weight off your shoulders.


Solar generators also boast a high level of versatility. With a high battery capacity and several outlets, you can power food warmers, use a home projector to stream an outdoor movie, and blast music from your personal stereo all at the same time without running out of power. It doesn’t have to be limited to barbecues, either; once you have a solar generator, you’ll soon see that it has endless practical applications.


Things to Look for in a Solar Generator

Your top priority is going to be battery capacity, because this single number can make or break your setup. Make sure you add up the power requirements of all the appliances you want to have at the barbecue and get a generator with a battery that can meet those needs. The Vanpowers 2000W Solar Generator has a jumbo 2096Wh capacity, so chances are it’s a great option for your cookout.


Though not quite as high-priority as capacity, the most noticeable trait to look for is a reasonable size and weight, as this will greatly affect its portability. The Vanpowers Solar Generator features not only convenient wheels and a collapsible handle, but also an overall lightweight design that is still quite durable.


For an occasion like a barbecue, the last thing you’ll want to take note of is the number and types of outlets on your generator. Vanpowers’ solar generator features 14 outlets of 8 different types, so you’ll be able to connect all your devices no matter what kinds of plugs they use.



Bringing a modern touch to your barbecue doesn’t have to be difficult or pollutive. Adding a solar generator to your list of supplies for the big day will ensure that everything runs smoothly all day and that every attendee has a blast. Above all, stay cool and have fun!


For more information about renewable energy storage solutions, please visit the Vanpowers website.