How to Make the Most of Your Portable Solar Panels

When you think of solar panels, you probably picture rows of houses with enormous stationary panels installed on the roofs, and this limited perception can make it difficult to imagine a scenario where you’d use portable solar panels. If this sounds like you, then Vanpowers is here to broaden your horizons. Here, we’ll be sharing some creative outdoor uses for portable solar panels that you might not have thought of before!


  1. Camping

You don’t have to leave the comforts of home behind when you go camping. By bringing solar panels with you, you can charge and power some of your favorite devices right at your campsite. If you prefer roughing it a little farther away from civilization, you can use the panels to power a solar water pump so you can stay hydrated.


  1. Photography

There’s nothing more frustrating for a photographer than running out of battery in the middle of a shoot. Thankfully, you can keep your camera charged and ready to go with a portable solar panel, so you’ll never miss a photo op again.


  1. Power outages

Rolling blackouts are a huge inconvenience for every neighborhood, but when you can’t access the grid, solar panels can keep things running. You can even pair the panels with a portable power station to store the electricity you generate over time, which means even your biggest appliances can still run while the power is out.


  1. RV life

Whether you’re taking a road trip or making the switch to mobile home living, a solar panel can be your best friend while holed up in an RV. Many of these vehicles come with built-in power generators, but they can only be used while the RV is running to avoid draining the battery. For those days where you’re parked and relaxing outdoors, a solar panel will pick up the slack and keep your devices charged.


  1. Boating

A boat is considered a luxury vehicle, but what kind of luxury isolates you from your devices? You can enjoy an outing on the water alongside your most treasured electronics as long as you have solar panels to keep them running.


  1. Outdoor vending

A vendor running a stall outdoors will need lights, air conditioning, and appliances like freezers or food warmers to keep their products in good condition. While a gas generator would make lots of noise and emit fumes, a portable solar panel is silent and completely non-pollutive, so it won’t drive business away.


The Vanpowers 2000W Solar Generator

By combining the Vanpowers Super Power Pro 2000 Portable Power Station with the Vanpowers SP200 Foldable Solar Panel, you can create a solar generator that’s compatible with all your appliances and can power them all at the same time. With its jumbo 2096Wh capacity, a Vanpowers generator is ideal for use in both short- and long-term off-grid situations.



Now that you know a few ways that a portable solar panel can be handy, all that’s left to do is get out there and start using it. We hope you have an amazing time in the great outdoors with your solar panel!


For more information on green energy generation and storage methods, please visit the Vanpowers website.