Get to Know Portable Power Stations

In recent years, with the improvement of people's consumption level, the penetration of the concept of healthy life and the improvement of safety awareness, the number of people participating in outdoor activities and the demand for emergency disaster preparedness have increased rapidly, and the portable power station market has been rapidly developed as well. Portable power stations are more and more popular among us. So, what are the uses of portable power station?

First of all, the portable energy storage product is a small energy storage system that is safe, portable, stable and environmentally friendly. It equipped with a built-in lithium-ion battery with high energy density to provide a power system with stable AC and DC output. Large output power 100-3000W. Portable energy storage is small in size and light in weight. It is suitable for scenarios that require mobile use of electricity. It can also be used in conjunction with solar panels. It is widely used in outdoor activities and emergency disaster relief. Its main application scenarios are as followed:

(1) Outdoor activities, portable energy storage products are used in various outdoor scenarios such as camping, fishing, RV travel, etc., and can provide green power for mobile phones, computers, photographic equipment, lighting, unmanned aircraft and other equipment. Residents in the United States are in large demand for outdoor leisure and entertainment activities, and are the main markets for portable energy storage outdoor activities.

(2) Emergency disaster preparedness, portable energy storage can be used as an emergency power supply to meet the demand for power in natural disasters or emergencies, off-grid power supply, and ensure the power demand of the people in emergency situations. Japan is a place with frequent natural disasters in the world, and people have a high awareness of protection. It is the main market for emergency disaster preparedness scenarios.

(3) Outdoor operations like power grid testing, outdoor surveying and mapping, photovoltaic roof installation and other outdoor operations, tools carried by construction workers, such as rechargeable drills, electric screws, and unmanned aircraft.

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