6 Clever Ways to Use Your Portable Power Station

Having a portable power station can be a saving grace when you’re in need of electricity. Depending on your lifestyle, this handy device might be essential to your everyday activities or useful in emergency situations when traditional grid power is unreliable. But maybe you have a power station and just aren’t sure what you should use it for. Don’t worry, because we’ve compiled a list of six different ways you can use your portable power station, some of which you might not have thought of before!


  1. At-Home Backup Power

If you live in an area where outages or rolling blackouts are commonplace, you’d definitely benefit from having a portable power station as your source of home backup power. With it, all of your most important electronics will stay working for as long as you need. The Vanpowers Super Power Pro 1500, for example, boasts a 1440Wh capacity that can charge up your cell phone more than 100 times and your laptop more than 20 times. It can also be used to keep larger appliances, like fridges and televisions, up and running.


  1. Camping

Going camping doesn’t have to mean leaving all your favorite gadgets behind or rationing how much you use them. The Vanpowers SPP 1500 features industrial-grade wheels and a collapsible aluminum handle, so it’s incredibly easy to transport and perfect to take with you into the wilderness. You can easily power hot plates, tablets, heaters, electric blankets, and more, so you’re sure to stay comfy while relaxing in nature.


  1. Outdoor Parties 

Everybody loves having a party out in the sunshine, but nobody likes a party without music. To make sure the dance floor is always packed, you can use a portable power station to power your stereo, speakers, lights, and more. It’s also a reliable way to keep everybody’s phones charged during the festivities.


  1. Outdoor Photography

Running out of battery is a photographer’s worst nightmare, but with a portable power station, you can avoid that ever happening again. You can easily charge up your main camera battery, lights, and other equipment, so you don’t have to worry about losing that perfect shot.


  1. Renewable Clean Energy 

Backup power isn’t the only application a power station has at home; you can use it as your primary source of green energy! The Vanpowers SPP 1500 is compatible with several different charging methods, but most notably, it can be connected to the Vanpowers SP200 solar panels to create a solar generator that recharges using only sunlight. 


  1. Alternative to Gas Generators 

You might already own a gas generator that you use for any backup or outdoor power needs. If this is the case, a portable power station is an ideal alternative that’s less noisy, less pollutive, and easier to refuel and transport.


In Conclusion

A portable power station is a super versatile piece of equipment that can be useful in any situation involving electrical power usage. If you’ve been considering getting one but have been on the fence about it or aren’t sure what you’d use it for, we hope our suggestions here have helped you better understand the wide variety of possibilities available to portable power station owners. For more information on alternative power options, you can visit the Vanpowers website.


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