5 Tips for Powering Your CPAP While Camping

How can people with obstructive sleep apnea keep their CPAP machines running while camping in the woods? We've put together some tips for using your CPAP when you can’t access grid-based electricity.


  1. Prepare in Advance

As you probably know, a CPAP machine requires several components, so make sure you have everything you need, including the following:

  • Motor
  • CPAP hose
  • CPAP mask and frame
  • Chin strap


If you've only recently bought your first CPAP machine, keep in mind that certain components will require frequent replacement because they come into contact with your body or are heavily exposed to moisture and germs.


  1. Charge Your Portable Battery

If you’re camping outdoors, you may be unable to rely on the grid. Instead, you'll need a solar generator, such as a portable power station with solar panels. Before leaving for your trip, we recommend that you charge your solar generator at home. The Vanpowers SPP 1500 can be charged to 80% in one hour and 100% in two hours using an AC outlet, solar panels, or a generator of up to 2400W.


  1. Test Everything at Home

You need to make sure your CPAP machine will function properly with a solar generator, so it’s important to test it at home before taking it into the wilderness. We recommend using an extra-long hose if your CPAP machine needs to be situated further away from you to connect to the solar generator. Test your extension hose to ensure that your CPAP machine works with a solar generator while it is far from you.


  1. Keep Your CPAPClean

It’s difficult to clean just about anything while camping, so don't forget to keep your CPAP machine and its components as spotless as possible before and during your trip. For safekeeping, we recommend keeping some cleaning supplies in a zippered bag.


  1. Prevent Your CPAP Machine from Losing Powerat Night

Make sure to fully charge your CPAP machine during the day if it has a rechargeable battery. Having a solar generator on hand will prevent the batteries from dying overnight and serve as an outlet for non-rechargeable units. We recommend the Vanpowers SPP 1500 to guarantee that if you go camping outdoors, your CPAP won't stop working in the middle of the night.


Final Thoughts

It’s important for people with sleep apnea who enjoy camping to make sure that their CPAP machine can function correctly outdoors. Today, CPAPs can be powered off-grid thanks to solar generators. We’d advise using the Vanpowers 1500W portable power station if you’re getting ready to go on an outdoor adventure with a CPAP. The Vanpowers SPP 1500 will keep power flowing continuously to your machine all night long.