5 of the World’s Most Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations

What is Eco-Friendly Travel?


Eco-friendly travel uses scientific and technological methods to preserve the ecosystem of picturesque areas and to lessen travelers’ impact on their destinations, with environmental and ecological balance as its guiding principles.

New energy sources like solar generators are used in eco-friendly travel to replace traditional fossil fuel–based energy. Creative waste disposal technology is also employed to deal with garbage in scenic areas and meet environmental protection goals. Here, Vanpowers has listed some of the most eco-friendly travel destinations in the world.


Why Pursue Eco-Friendly Travel?


Tourists’ actions affect local communities and the environment in the places they visit, but ecotourism lessens the impact by encouraging people to:

  • Protect the local environment, including natural resources and wild animals
  • Protect historical relics
  • Increase environmental awareness
  • Be more conscious of their effects as a traveler and plan ahead to mitigate them


#1. Costa Rica


The greatest way to explore the jungle in Costa Rica is by ziplining through its dense, biologically diverse rainforest. Costa Rica boasts one of the world's most diverse and well-protected ecosystems, and the land is rich in hydroelectric power plants, which reduces reliance on fossil fuels.


There are ziplines, suspension bridges, and hiking routes in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. The trails of Tirimbina Biological Reserve are almost six kilometers long, with opportunities for hiking through cacao plantations, wetlands, and secondary forests. Tortuguero National Park is a wonderful example of ecotourism efforts in Costa Rica—the easiest method to explore it is by boat because of the area's extensive network of creeks and lagoons.


#2. Denmark


The Danes are passionate about clean, renewable energy, and 50% of Denmark's electricity comes from wind and solar generators. Denmark's most well-known and visited islands are Bornholm and Samsø, which are at the forefront of sustainable development and renewable energy production. Green Solutions House, a Rønne hotel and intellectual center, is an excellent starting point for exploring the Green Island.


Bornholm, known as Bright Green Island, is also the sunniest place in Denmark, and Samsø is an entirely self-sufficient island whose 11 wind turbines provide the locals with renewable energy.


#3. Norway


Norway is one of the greenest countries in the world, and its magnificent fjords are well-known tourist destinations. The nation has been recognized by the National Geographic Center for Sustainable Destinations for its conservation efforts and rural land preservation.

Stavanger's Jæren beaches are an ideal ecotourism destination. These beautiful beaches stretch seven kilometers along Norway's coast and are a protected area for the sake of the local animals and native plant species. Visitors can explore the beaches on foot, by bicycle, or on horseback while taking in the abundance of flora and fauna in the nature reserves. Also available for adventurous travelers are canoeing, surfing, and kite flying.

The stunning mountains that cuts across Norway are another amazing travel experience. Visitors can hike across magnificent landscapes and observe a variety of wild animals while taking in the chilly mountain air.

You can also catch a glimpse of communities featuring vibrantly colored homes, glaciers, waterfalls, and snow-capped mountains when traveling by boat through Hardangerfjord, and a trip to the Hardangervidda Nature Center provides opportunities for more direct environmental and human connection.


#4. Seychelles


One of the most environmentally friendly travel destinations in the Indian Ocean is Seychelles, popularly known as the "Islands of Perpetual Summer" and frequently referred to as "Another Planet."

Seychelles has the world’s highest percentage of protected land, with about 50% of the country designated as protected areas.

Explore locations like Silhouette, La Digue, Praslin, and Mahé. Each one offers hikes that let you see the natural beauty of the islands firsthand. Many other incredible protected islands are also available to explore, meaning you can make a lot of beautiful memories.

Visit Mahé’s Morne Seychellois National Park for an environmentally friendly bike ride. Staying green is easy wherever you go on the island of Mahé.

If you like the ocean, take some time to snorkel in the Port-Launay and Baie Ternay Marine Reserve National Parks. There, you’ll get to see the enormous, docile whale sharks from Djibouti that feed on nearby plankton.


#5. Iceland


For everyone interested in the outdoors and environmentally friendly travel, visiting Iceland is a thrilling experience.


Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, is renowned as being the world's greenest and most sustainable city. Reykjavik’s geothermal and hydroelectric power facilities provide the majority of the city's electricity, and buses and bicycles have largely replaced cars as the primary modes of transportation.

The Blue Lagoon is a must-see for anyone traveling to Iceland. This outdoor spa is heated and powered entirely by geothermal energy for a sustainable vacation experience.

Vast numbers of whales live in Iceland, making whale watching one of the top activities to do. You can take part from the comfort of the Old Harbour, or you can go on a sailing excursion.




In conclusion, eco-tourism is an important component of modern travel. By selecting eco-friendly destinations, tourists can take in the natural beauty of their surroundings while limiting their environmental impact.


A fantastic way to see the world and lessen your carbon footprint is through eco-friendly travel. Costa Rica, Denmark, Iceland, Bhutan, and Germany, among the world's greenest tourist destinations, rely on sustainable power plants to generate renewable energy and reduce their reliance on fossil fuels. By promoting these environmentally friendly behaviors, we can all contribute to protecting the earth for future generations. You can also use a solar generator to travel off-grid in places that are still using traditional fuels.


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