10 Things to Do on a Road Trip

The sun is shining in the blue sky overhead. You roll down the car windows as you sing along to some timeless music with your buddies. Road trips like these allow you to escape from your daily routine and make some memories. No matter where you're going, here are 10 things you can do before and during your trip so you can feel prepared and have an absolute blast on the road.


  1. Bring YourPhone/Tablet and a Power Supply

Traveling can be downright dull for someone who isn’t driving. If you think about it, though, there’s no better time than a road trip to catch up on your favorite podcasts or finish that audiobook you started forever ago. Before you go out on your adventure, download everything you need on your phone or tablet to keep yourself entertained. Make sure you can charge these devices on the long drive by bringing along a car charger, or better yet, bring a Vanpowers portable power station so you can sit back and watch a movie even if the engine is off.


  1. Have Lots of Road Trip Snacks

There's nothing worse than going hungry on the road. A well-stocked supply of delicious food keeps passengers energized and helps the driver focus on driving. You can bring anything you want, but typical road trip snacks include:

  • Energy bars
  • Mixed nuts
  • Dried fruit
  • Fresh fruit (apples, bananas, avocados, oranges)
  • Cheese (ideally in individually wrappedportions)
  • Jerky


  1. Take Lots of Photos and Videos

Get your phone or camera out and capture special moments while exploring places you’ve never been to. Record your trip, then fire up your laptop, pick the best photos to post, and write your little story—you might even gain some followers! To ensure that your laptop and camera batteries are completely charged between outings, you'll need an A/C power outlet. We recommend bringing along a Vanpowers portable power station to ensure that you have all the ports you need.


  1. Geta Portable Jump Starter

The car jump starter is a useful tool that has saved many road trips from potential catastrophe. Having a jump starter means you don’t need to worry about getting stranded on a deserted highway; the only other thing you need is a portable power supply to keep it charged and ready to use at any time.


  1. Play Some Games

Road trip games can be a great way to pass the time on the road! Here are some go-to favorites:

  • The Alphabet Game
  • The License Plate Game
  • I Spy
  • 20 Questions


  1. Have a Headlamp and Flashlight Ready

Whether or not you plan to be outside after dark, it’s a good idea to keep a flashlight and a headlamp in the car. These will be useful for a lot of situations, from early-morning and late-night hiking to setting up your campsite after sunset. The Vanpowers Super Power Pro 2000 is the best off-grid portable power supply to keep everything charged, whether it’s on the road or at home during a power outage.


  1. Take Breaks

Napping is a necessity on long trips, especially if you’re traveling with young children. Make the back seat as comfortable as possible, put shades over the windows, play some soothing tunes, and chill out in a pile of cozy blankets and pillows.


  1. Bring a Cooler

If you're a diehard Coca-Cola drinker, a cooler is a must-have during a road trip to keep your drinks cold and within arm’s reach. You can also store juice, sandwiches, fresh fruit, and much more, allowing you to enjoy your favorite drinks and snacks whenever you like. If your cooler is electric, a Vanpowers Solar Generator will make it so you never have to worry about running out of power. 


  1. Stay Connected and Entertained

It might go without saying that you should bring a USB phone charging cable and portable charger. A portable Wi-Fi router is another great travel gadget to have on hand if you need to stay connected to the outside world.


  1. Pack Toiletries and a Personal Care Kit

It's never fun to have chapped lips. Keep some lip balm in your luggage, but keep another stick in a smaller toiletry bag for easier access on the go. You should also keep plenty of wipes around, as they’ll be a lifesaver when you can’t access a shower and need to clean up. To avoid getting too much sun exposure through the car windows, be sure to pack sunscreen. A comb, a headband, a toothbrush, and toothpaste are other essentials you’ll be grateful to have in the middle of nowhere.