The Super Bowl is Here: Vanpowers Provides Portable Power Solutions for Campers

Vanpowers, a company focused on innovating portable green energy storage devices, is looking to get customers geared up for the Super Bowl. With the news that Rihanna will be performing during the Halftime Show, excitement is building among sports fans across the country. But Vanpowers wants to do more this February than powering tailgate parties and barbecues. To celebrate the approach of the big game, the brand is encouraging people to spend Super Bowl Sunday camping outdoors and getting away from the city—all without missing the action thanks to Vanpowers technology.


The brand wants to ensure that anyone can enjoy the Super Bowl from anywhere, so they’ll be offering a special discount on the Vanpowers Super Power Pro 2000 portable power station in the coming weeks.


Vanpowers was founded on the idea of making environmentally friendly energy not only portable, but also accessible to everyone. They pride themselves on creating portable power stations and solar generators that run quietly, are easy to use, and get users’ devices powered up in no time.


“We're excited to showcase backup power solutions for the Super Bowl camping to make life outside more enjoyable. ” said the Vanpowers team, “This is why Vanpowers continuously tries to allow consumers to be truly independent of the power grid both inside and outside the home.”


Vanpowers has already spoken at length about how portable power stations serve many useful functions when going camping, but they believe that this is especially true for those planning to watch the Super Bowl. Whether it’s a single-person tablet setup with a portable Wi-Fi hotspot or a family of five crowding around a larger monitor and speakers, any sports fan will need a significant amount of power to be able to stream the game at their campsite. This kind of need can be met with a portable power station.


The Vanpowers Super Power Pro 2000’s high 2096Wh capacity can continuously power home projectors for 16 hours within and outside the house. This has garnered widespread praise from reviewers in clean energy circles. With 14 ports of 8 different types and charging from 0% to 100% within only 1.5 hours, users can power all their handheld devices and household appliances at a fast speed. For extra convenience, the SPP 2000 features wheels and a collapsible handle, making it a breeze to move from place to place. Taking renewable energy on the go has never been easier.


To make sure anybody spends Super Bowl Sunday with a way to watch the game, the Super Power Pro 2000 will be a full $200 off from February 1st to February 28th. Sports fans who want to cheer on their favorite team while camping out in the wilderness are encouraged to check out the Vanpowers website to get this discount before it’s gone.


About Vanpowers

"Escape the grid, not your life." Vanpowers understands the widespread feelings of anxiety surrounding power outages or power shortages. With a goal of creating sustainable methods of generating power, Vanpowers is committed to helping people find joy and fulfillment in life without relying on the power grid. With Vanpowers, any demand for electricity can be met without racking up excess charges on bills. Whatever the occasion, Vanpowers is always ready to keep people powered up.